Let’s get organized!

I’m double guilty of making New Year’s resolutions and never sticking to them. I think the key is to make achievable goals though; I would normally set unattainable, impreciseĀ goals for myself. “I’ll be the talk of the town when they come into my house”, “By the end of this year I’ll be know for my cooking”, or “I’ll have so many followers that I’m famous!” You can see my mistake…So here is my attainable, precise goals for 2015:

  • Study the Bible every morning
  • Organize the apartment before the end of April
  • Make the apartment baby ready before the end of April
  • Read the parenting and “mom” books I’ve bought and have been recommended
  • Meal plan for the entire year (one month at a time)
  • & successfully cook dinner at least three times a week
  • Finish the furniture flipping I started
  • Complete the bedroom redo as much as the budget allows
  • Workout for 3 days a week until the baby comes (then we’ll talk)

Precise and attainable I do believe! I can’t wait to start crossing these things off one at a time!

I’d be interested in hearing if you had New Years resolutions! Post a comment below! Do you even believe in doing New Years resolutions?