Pet Project: Zero Waste Home (Almost)

I love the idea of never throwing something away again. I already do this with coffee grounds, and I recycle as best I can. (I live in an apartment so sometimes recycling isn’t an option. Gasp. I know.) It is a dream of mine to accomplish this. (Although I still plan on using sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, and bathroom products. I live in a house of boys people.)

Here is the grand master list of what I have and want to accomplish to do my part in being green:

Cloth products

  • Cloth grocery bags
  • Cloth produce bags
  • Cloth or paper dry goods bags
  • Cloth paper towels
  • Cloth napkins
  • Cloth bread bag
  • Cloth gift wrapping


  • Buy local meats, eggs, and produce
  • Make my own bread
  • Bake own sweets (cookies, brownies, cakes, etc)
  • Make own ice cream and pop-cycles using real fruit
  • Leftovers in all glass/metal containers like mason jars
  • Can own food
  • Make own condiments
  • Grow own herbs, spices, and misc


  • E-bills
  • Magazines online only
  • Old clothes to dusting and cleaning rags
  • Make own laundry detergent
  • Reusable coffee cups
  • Reusable ‘ziplocks’
  • Reusable water bottles

And many more to come. I’m crossing off the ones that we already do, or that I’ve successfully implemented into life for at least a month (the time it takes to build a habit, right?)


The Dreaded Meal Plan

I. Hate. Meal. Planning. Hate it!

But I love cooking! I feel as though cooking is a tangible way to show my family love, so every time that I don’t to provide a great meal for them -a truly ground breaking fabulous meal- I feel as though I’ve failed in my role as mom. Now I know that’s bologna and cheese to set myself up that way, but I feel as though I can get close to perfection with a meal plan.

So the dreaded meal plan. There isn’t exactly a book on how to do this thing. No pamphlet on how to make your recipes into shopping lists, nor a novel on how to not cook the same three easy things over and over. I had a problem. I was going to the store at least four times a week, sometimes every day, and that’s just not gas efficient! I also missed out on opportunities to buy in bulk and to make meals that were not the same idea but in a different pot. (Too many Mexican dishes).

This was my solution after reading what other women have done: Monthly Meal Planning.

Month of meal plans laid out bi-monthly grocery list

Que the angels singing! I think I found a way that I can not think about meals for a month, but also have great meals every night!

Today is February 2nd and I’m about to leave for the grocery store to give it a try. I’ll let you know my progress on this! DIY coming soon!

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