Penguin List

Like a wish list, but I’m actually doing it. The penguin part is because I wanted something different than wish list or bucket list. Everything is a 1 year goal unless otherwise mentioned.
I got this idea from All Things E.

Christianity & Faith

  • Read Bible daily, without skips
  • Attend a women’s Bible study
  • Read C.S Lewis’ complete works
  • Memorize a weekly Bible verse

Family & Friends

  • Cook new meals three times a week
  • Surprise date my husband
  • Have kids early
  • Home school my kids
  • Take a road trip
  • Go on a girl’s night out

Health & Longevity

  • Do a Color Run 5k
  • Run an entire 5k
  • Workout every other day for three months (no skips)
  • Go on an Austin hike trail without getting winded
  • Climb to the top of a rock wall
  • Get stronger (no more weakling joints)
  • Run a 15k+
  • Improve carpal tunnel ridden joints

Reading & Writing

  • Read a new book every week, or two weeks
  • Write a little on Mr. Fox’s book weekly with my husband
  • Write a blog post every Monday (at least)
  • Read a non-fiction book every other book
  • Interview classmates about their creative process

Learning & Growing

  • Do the household budget, daily, for three months
  • & not get into the negative via carelessness
  • Expand coding skills (firmly grasp HTML & CSS)
  • Read a work-related design-intensive article bi-weekly
  • Practice new code weekly

Creating & Designing

  • Make a website for the classmate interviews
  • Make a website for mother’s books
  • Make a perfect Con costume
  • Finish stilt monsters
  • Go to a Con in stilt monster costumes
  • Paint, a lot more

Action & Adventure

  • Go to a Of Monsters And Men concert
  • Go to Austin’s SXSW
  • Go to an Austin Con in complete costume
  • Take a picture at every iconic Austin graffiti
  • Go to Sea World
  • Go  to Austin City Limits
  • Horseback Riding
  • Disney World
  • Go photograph the burnout backwoods
  • Photograph the old buildings off freeways
  • Harry Potter theme park
  • London
  • Chelsea
  • Lord of the Rings set
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Camp without running water for four days
  • so much more, but lets start here

House & Home

  • Organize the kitchen
  • Organize the laundry room
  • Complete the Declutterathon
  • Decorate cohesively
  • Get wedding photos printed on canvas
  • Successfully grow and keep a plant from seeds

Teaching & Homeschooling

  • Organize ODA binders by subject
  • Collect mom’s home school curriculum