Stepping into a Capsule Closet Part 3 (Final)

Alright, so last week we all pulled everything out of our closet, made everything empty, went through our clothes with our lists, and only put back the things that adhered to our lists. Right? RIGHT?! Please note the shoes. That was the hardest part for me.


Here is what my closet looks like now. It doesn’t look too different. It’s super hard to take a picture of my dresser to get you to appreciate the difference. But just imagine this: before, none of the drawers opened or closed easily, every single one was stuff to overflowing; after, I have two of my biggest drawers completely emptied and the rest glide open and closed like no body’s business. In fact, my drawers refuse to stay shut anymore. I think they’re traumatized from being so over stuffed that they no longer remember what it’s like to stay completely closed.

I also bought a big storage bin from Big Lots to put away my out of season and maternity out of season clothing. I plan on changing out the seasons with my dresser and that bin, giving me more space. So if it’s summer and I’m skinny again, my dresser has my 31 warm weather items and the Big Lots bin has the 31 cold weather items and my maternity items. Here’s what that looks like.


And that also is what homework is this week! Go to Big Lots, or wherever you’d like and buy a big bin to put your out of season/condition clothes in and lets see the final product of your clothing!

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