Stepping into a Capsule Wardrobe (Part 2)

How was everyone’s week? Did you find images to inspire your minimalist closet? Here are my favorites, I’m so excited to get started now guys!


Alright, so this week let’s focus on getting stuff out and get comfortable with less. I had to bribe myself to start putting aside some of my favorite items. I told myself that I would eventually buy very nice, well-made, usually too expensive clothing to replace my ‘meh’ clothing that I was keeping. Whatever you have to do, right?

Step 1. Pull it all out

That’s right, strip your closet! Like a present on Christmas day, tear into that closet and leave no survivors. The emptiness will inspire and you’ll get too tired to put it all back. Mwahahaa, Evil, I know. Because now it’s too late to put it all back, you have a mess you have to clean up now.

Step 2. Get your handy dandy list put together.
(I know, should have done this first right? WRONG! I want commitment here! Told you I was evil.)

I found the two lists I’ll be using on . Yes, I know that she says suitcase, but it’s the same idea and I really liked her color, pattern, and neutral mixing techniques. There are several other places that have their own versions of a capsule wardrobe, Pinterest is a fantastic resource to pin down the one that will work for you!

I’m using the One Suitcase Spring Capsule Wardrobe (15 pieces WHOO!) and the One Suitcase Winter Vacation Capsule Wardrobe (16 pieces, double WHOO!) and I’ll be keeping a few extra items on top of this, that makes for just over the 31 limit. Hopefully.

Step 3. Start matching your items to your list.

Instead of completely chucking your entire wardrobe and starting over (which some of you may actually be wealthy enough to do this), I decided to try to get as many items to match my list from my existing wardrobe and then buy new what I was missing.

I got a box and just started putting the clothes in there that didn’t fit into the list. Ninja Turtles shirt? Gone. Antique shirt with sentimental value? Gone. It’s just stuff. You can’t take it with you when you die. (Now I did keep the cardigan that was my dad’s. I’m not quite the drill sergeant that you think I am.)


Here’s my box up in my closet. I’ll leave it there and not touch it as long as possible. The reason I won’t be getting rid of all those clothing right away is just a safety net. Which I don’t intend to use. However if I find that I end up unable to do my capsule wardrobe, or can’t buy new items, there is the rest of my closet, sitting in the box, ready to come out and play again.

It makes this whole capsule thing just a little easier.

Now ladies, don’t touch that box. It’s not become the forbidden box. You and I must make a pact not to touch anything in that closet. A pact that can only be broken if it’s a fashion emergency. Don’t go back on this pact now ladies! You and I can do it!

Step 4. Show us your results!

Take a picture of your new gorgeous, empty closets and share them below! I’ll post mine next week!

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