The Monster To-Do List

I like lists, therefore I really like the app called Evernote. I use it for everything. Like about a week and a half ago I was walking around my house, tripping over my junk, and I realized that I really REALLY needed to clean up. So I started making a list. And it just kept getting bigger.
Without further ado, introducing my big bad mack daddy to-do list:

    • Sell motherboard, and other computer component
    • Donate the rest/unsellable
    • Sell old phones (Samsung and Sony)
    • Sell ipad
    • Sell hammock (in warmer weather)
    • All the things
    • Boxes for organizing
    • Drawers for Finn’s clothing
    • Cover cardboard boxes
    • Research nicely designed documents and update: calender (monthly, weekly, daily), chore sheet, etc.
    • Make binders by ODA classes: schedules, supply lists, when to email, when to buy supplies, etc.
    • Small
      • Bar/kitchen counter
        • Flour, sugar, & coffee containers
        • Soap stand
      • Nick’s desk area
      • Entertainment center
        • Hide router in decorative box
      • Nick’s woodshop
      • Sofa table shelves
      • Entry
      • Medicine cabinet
        • Organized jars
      • Toilet/shower area
        • Hang towel shelf in shower area
        • Make magazine rack
        • Get grippy mats for under the rugs
      • Laundry area
        • Ironing board wall hooks OR stacked curtain rods for drying
        • Missing socks collection
        • Stain cheat sheet
      • Front porch/door
        • Coffee filter wreath/Some sort of wreath
        • New welcome mat
    • Medium
      • Fridge
        • Healthy snack grab-bags
        • Meal a day go-basket
      • Kitchen cabinets
        • Dishes are dirty/clean magnet
        • Baskets for Tupperware
        • Fruit baskets
        • Minimize dishes
        • Mason jar cupcake paper containers
      • Under/on sink
        • Cake stand soap holder
        • Curtain rod bottle hanger
      • Command Center
        • Menu clip board
        • Monthly meal plan
        • Mail in/out
        • Cleaning schedule
      • Pantry
        • Containers for cereal, noodles, etc.
        • Baskets for misc mixes and boxes
      • My desk area
      • Sitting area
        • Gallery wall
      • Bathroom counter
        • Old wine rack into hand towel holder
        • Guest basket tier supplies
        • Left wall shelves
      • Under bathroom counter
      • Back porch
        • More seating
        • Table
    • Large
      • Bookshelves
        • Go through books 
        • Stage
        • Fabric foam core board background
      • Coffee Nook
        • Shelf liners for wire rack
        • New sugar bowl
        • Artwork for wall
      • Bathroom cabinets
        • First Aid box
        • Medicines organized in boxes according to problem
        • Box or lazy Susan for chems.
      • Master Bedroom
        • Finish night tables
          • Baskets, handles, and contact paper
        • Hang monogram
        • Make voice wave paintings
        • Buy throw pillows, new quilt, throw blanket
        • Get wedding prints made and framed
      • Finn’s nursery
        • Gallery wall
        • Pack n’ play
      • Nick’s closet
        • Labeled drawers and plastic containers
        • Unbend door shelves and add backing
    • Super-massive: my closet
      • Art and school supplies
        • Boxes, drawers, cups, etc. organized
      • Storage
        • Labeled plastic boxes
        • Personal clothing
          • Space saving hangers
          • Underwear organizer
          • Jewelry organizer
          • Capsule/Mix&Match wardrobe
        • Possibly a small make up table??
      • Finn’s stuff
        • Drawers and boxes

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