Confessions of a Clutter-holic: The Decluterathon

One week ago (a little more now) I joined a group called the Decluterathon, by I have stopped and started de-cluttering my life so many times now that I have half-baked organizational projects that I now just add to the clutter. I needed help, and fast. With baby on the way I’ve got to get my life in order! Well I stumbled across the Decluterathon by sheer luck on Pinterest and joined up right away. The ladies on there are a wonderful resource, the tasks to help us through each day are easy, and the support there is fantastic! If you guys are struggling with any amount of clutter in your lives, I would urge you to go and join the Facebook group!

One of the tasks we’re supposed to do is create an inspiration or vision board to envision what we want our homes to look like when we’re all done. Mine isn’t as pretty as everyone else’s, they have prettily decorated rooms and grown-up looking bookshelves and what have you and that’s wonderful! Don’t get me wrong, I want that myself! I took the task a little differently. I decided to focus on images that reflected the exact look of what my new organized life BEHIND the closet and cabinet doors would look like. SOO here it is, my organizational vision board:



Let’s get organized!

I’m double guilty of making New Year’s resolutions and never sticking to them. I think the key is to make achievable goals though; I would normally set unattainable, imprecise goals for myself. “I’ll be the talk of the town when they come into my house”, “By the end of this year I’ll be know for my cooking”, or “I’ll have so many followers that I’m famous!” You can see my mistake…So here is my attainable, precise goals for 2015:

  • Study the Bible every morning
  • Organize the apartment before the end of April
  • Make the apartment baby ready before the end of April
  • Read the parenting and “mom” books I’ve bought and have been recommended
  • Meal plan for the entire year (one month at a time)
  • & successfully cook dinner at least three times a week
  • Finish the furniture flipping I started
  • Complete the bedroom redo as much as the budget allows
  • Workout for 3 days a week until the baby comes (then we’ll talk)

Precise and attainable I do believe! I can’t wait to start crossing these things off one at a time!

I’d be interested in hearing if you had New Years resolutions! Post a comment below! Do you even believe in doing New Years resolutions?

Finally, the first post to my first blog…

First, to introduce my blog: There is something alluring about the way you feel after finishing a project. You step back to admire the work and realize, hey, I just did that. I completed something! I’ve also found a love of sharing that feeling with other people though documenting my DIYs and projects.

I’m ecstatic to finally start posting on this blog as a culmination of trying to starting and stopping several different blogs. Truly this is it! Here I’ll post my DIYs, projects, printables, organization, home reno (eventually), and my home school curriculum. I’ll also post the occasional thought, sometimes things that I’ve found useful for budgeting; however, I’ll mostly stick to my list above.

And now the players of this act: Me. I’m a young, brand new parent (Due early May ’15). I love to make art, DIYs, and I also teach art to home school kids three days a week. (If you’re home schooling in the Austin area, I’d love to hear from you!)

My husband. He’s a real trooper. All of the heavy lifting, the power tooling, and other manly manliness that you see is all done by Dreamy Mcdreamerson. He’s the absolute love of my life and the father of my to be born son. You may applaud.

My children. The first one is still cooking. I’m anxious to meet him. I often wonder what he’ll be like. Hopefully like his father.

I’m excited (I may have said this before) to start finding my voice, posting projects, and getting life in order while I show all of you the progress. I will be happy to answer any and all questions, comments, etc. as I get them and as I have the time. Please be patient if I take a little while! (I won’t, but I suppose it’s a good contingency)

Happy reading!
– Ashley